Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Every woman needs a gay boyfriend

Finally, not that I was looking I found a gay boyfriend. I don't consider myself a fag hag (or fruit fly) in any way. I don't go out searching for them or anything that blatant. When they come into your life it's a blessing. I was lucky enough to spend four days with this wonderful man. He's orginally from DC but now lives in MD. We have the same sense of humor, he loves to dance, and we both love to shop. What more do I need? We are going to see Alvin Ailey next so that should be wonderful! I'm so happy to have met someone I totally clicked with. He's just a cool dude. Now everyone refers to him as my "gay boyfriend". Two boyfriends....I think I can handle that.


Saun said...

I totally believe in the "gay boyfriend" concept. I've been looking for one for a while. You are so lucky! Fun times are ahead.

rashad said...

does this translate to men? i'm wondering how I would do with a lesbian woman in my life? I can't think of any non-sexual advantages

Mixmaster Faye said...

i want a gay boyfriend so much!!