Monday, January 22, 2007


When you find out your friend is cheating on their mate what do you do? I'm conflicted right now and I rather not know it's happening. I'm not friends with the mate but I do have respect for the person. It's hard for me to sit back and just watch. I really wish the person was smart enough to keep it on the hush ( i can't say DL anymore). Actually I think they tried to but I believe the person they are cheating with needs validation and keeps doing things in front of other people. I plan to do nothing because I already know shit will hit the fan because one of the people in this scenario is their rocker. I just wish I wasn't being made to be complicit. When their mate comes to town I have to lie (by omission) like things are all good. I'm surprised that this makes it uncomfortable as it does.


rashad said...

You really can't say anything, but it is tough. I told my brother that if he ever cheated on his wife, I'd wouldn't tell her, but I'd makes his life a living hell, and then he'd feel guilty enough to tell on his own.

A Beautiful Life said...

That's a tough one. The sad thing is that she might already know. I probably wouldn't say anything

A Beautiful Life said...

I meant to say she or he might already know