Sunday, September 12, 2010

Decisions: I really want french toast

I am going to brunch today at Social 14 in Columbia Heights. I've looked over the menu from to find the best option given what I have to look forward to this week. I really want the Grand Marnier French Toast but there is one problem. I have no idea how to estimate the calories. It could have anywhere from 100-500 calories per slice. That's a huge range and today I am not willing to take the loss. I am not willing to undo all of my hard work in the gym this week over one indulgence. The thing is it could be low in calories (wishful thinking) but I won't know because I can't be sure if they use cream, how many eggs and how much butter. So I am going to have the crawfish Benedict which could have about the same amount of calories as the french toast but I can easily figure it out. Its really about knowing and not guessing on this one. On a different day when I have been eating fruits and berries and running marathons then I can have the french toast, just not today.

It's all about planning.

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