Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Race rears it's head

I didn't want to say "ugly" necessarily. This weekend I took a risk and invited friends from all my circles to a party at my house. I knew it was risky given that most of my friends really speak their minds but have differing backgrounds. Also, I didn't know how my roommates friends would mix in with my friends. Fortunately, only two white people showed up and that was enough. Unfortunately, the white girl in the room stopped by on her way to a costume party. However, none of us knew what her costume was about. Simply, she was wearing a black blazer and no shirt or bra under it and a short skirt with thigh-high stockings. Somehow the party was briefly segregated and all the Black people were in the kitchen whispering about her outfit. Then someone inquired, "What are you, a whore?"

It turns out she was Jessica Cutler . There was no indication and the Washingtonienne scandal happened years ago. Ms. Cutler is no longer water cooler talk. My roommate gave her a copy of the book to carry around so at least she could explain herself.

Then the conversation turned to our other friend who recently moved in with two white men. There was so much discussion of what it was like. I'm sure we all would have been offended if a white person was inquiring about what it is like to live with a black person. I recognize there are differences because I have lived with everyone under the rainbow. However, the same convo different people...disaster.

"What the fuck? Are we not human? What do you mean what's it like? Fuck you whitey white racist ass cracka."

After about an hour the white people left and no more showed up. At first I was wondering why none of my white friends showed up but that's okay. I didn't think about Halloween parties and Hampton's Homecoming when I picked the date. It was for the best though. Race relations haven't come as far as I think they have. When people are trying to let loose who wants to worry about racial offenses? Who wants to explain spades? Who wants to explain why they are slamming the dominos on the table?


Saun said...

I always debate whether to have events with a mix of friends. I usually decide against it for the very reason that you experienced. You have great expectations for your friends but somehow things like this always happen. It's unfortunate.

rashad said...

it is sad, but i have certain groups of friends that I just cannot mix for that very reason. its like you want to give your friends the benefit of the doubt, but you also want to avoid conflict at all costs. you never want to be in a situation where you're justifying your white friends to black people or vice versa

Anonymous said...

Race relations are still crazy. I couldn't see you, Kim, Saun, Monica, or Iguehi acting funny if I had a mixed party, but I know other friends who would. Love, Zaynah