Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Stripping vs. Prostitution

I was thinking hard today as to whether I want this blog to be focus or unfocused. I decided that each entry should be focused on something. So I think I 'll keep it to one topic with maybe a mention of a Daily Random Happening.

"Why did she quit stripping to go in to prostitution? Stripping pays a lot more and is safer."

I overhead someone say this the other day. Does stripping pay more than prostitution? Is stripping safer? I think stripping is seen as a more noble profession than prostitution. But does it really pay more? Personally I don't think so. When you get up to strip there is no guarantee that you will ever get tipped. No one has to give you money but if you work it out a little bit you may get a few dollars in your g-string. With prostitution you get to negotiate up front the cost of doing business but, you must attract business first.

Now let's make a few other observations:

Stripping vs. Prostitution

you get to take breaks between each set vs. walking the hoe stroll all night
you're less likely to split money with a pimp vs. more likely to be split money w/a pimp
you collect money in small amounts vs. you get larger lump sums per client
you get "loyal customers" vs. you too get "loyal customers"

I don't really see the benefit to prostitution unless you are a "call girl". Which one is safer? I can't call it.

I have contemplated stripping...just to do it once (or thrice). I mean public stripping, not stripping for my significant other. I was once almost coerced to jump on the stage at amateur night. I didn't do it because people I knew would be watching me. I really think I could do this if I was in a town where no one knew me. I think that ship has sailed though.

I'd like to hear your own stripping vs. prostitution comparisons.

Daily Random Happening: I was eating my morning oatmeal and my pasty white neighbor of mine was making his bed in his underwear. I can easily see into the second and third floors of the houses across the street. I thought I had an advantage having the bigger room with all the light but I have to keep my blinds closed.

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