Saturday, October 28, 2006

She found my diploma!

For the second time, there has been a mishap with my diploma. This time there is at least a funny story to go with it. I get a message on Myspace today saying.

"Hey Aisha did you ever get your diploma? I met this guy on and I mentioned to him that I recently got my MPH. He tells me that he got girls diploma named Aisha M. and she also has an MPH. Might it really be yours?"

Why yes it probably is! So she is going to let him know that indeed I never got my diploma from UNC.

As for Berkeley apparently I really didn't need it. I managed to work for four years before I figured out that I didn't officially graduate. It wasn't until I applied to graduate school that I found this out.

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Rich said...

u have benn updating oh my gosh!!