Monday, October 23, 2006

Washington Sports Club I come! Now that my new home is nearly in order, I feel that I can make a return to my workouts. I don't want to waste that $60 that comes out of my account every month. I've decided that I will come into work thirty minutes earlier so that I can take a longer lunch to go to the gym. Since I'm walking to and from work right now, I don't want to leave downtown too late with the impending time change. I estimate I will walk about 15 miles a week just going to and from work. Therefore I can just work on flexibility and muscle strength at the gym during the week. On the weekend I can take one dance class and I should be fine. I talk about my weight a lot because I'm unhappy with it. Hopefully writing about it will keep me more accountable.

I was also inspired to cook this weekend. I managed to make a sesame crusted seared tuna Asian salad, salty oatmeal cookies, and foccacia. The foccacia was disappointing because the yeast was old so it didn't rise. So it became pizza instead. It still had an excellent flavor.

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rashad said...

I'd like to request step by step instructions on how to prepare that salad, as i'm expanding my cooking repetoire. i am now an official dc adventures groupie.