Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Day of Mishaps

I woke up this morning feeling a lot better. I didn't have the urge to cough immediately and I think I inhaled through my nose. In fact I was hungry....I must have been feeling better. I checked email and decided that I would run to WholePayCheck to get some things so that I could make chili. I also felt the urge to set up my workstation so that this overheated Dell laptop can stop burning my naked thighs. I had tons of energy.

I put everything together and typed out my grocery list to test out the print. I press print and the printer doesn't show up as an option. My first instinct is to find the install disk. Oddly I know exactly where it is. I put it in and it tells me the printer is already installed. I decide to reboot. I try to install it again and starts to install and then tells me I need to reboot. I press Ok and it then tells me I can't reboot while it is trying to install. I shut it down and decided I would try to uninstall it. It tells me that there is nothing installed but there are some useless files still installed. So I uninstall those and then try to reinstall. I finally get it to work.

I'm ready to print out the grocery list and I press print once again. It prints but there is nothing on the page. I now remember that I had expended all my ink on my thesis. So being the smart girl I am I change the text to red so I can just use the color cartridge. It prints but now it's only showing 1/3 of the things on the list. I dig around and I find another color cartridge and now my grocery list is complete printed in blue letter.

Going to WholePayCheck is fun for me. They usually have everything that I need especially some of the more exotic things. I really need some Yogi Tea to deal with this cold otherwise I might have gone to Giant. Also I love the bulk spice section. You scoop your own spices they cost about 80 cents/oz. compared to the $3 or so you pay for a jar of the same spice. It really helps when you are buying an exotic spice you don't need a whole lot of. I got everything and went to the meat counter to buy beef shoulder. I didn't see any beef shoulder and asked the girl behind the counter for it and she told me it was prepackaged. I went over there and didn't see anything labeled shoulder. So I just picked up some brisket since I know I like brisket.

I get home and look up beef shoulder and find out that's the same as chuck roast. Chuck Roast is way cheaper thank brisket. Due to my lack of knowlegde....I spent more than I needed too at Wholepaycheck. Also chuck roast is better for stewing and I should have thought of that considering I am making chili.

After viewing the recipe in the morning I decided that I would half it since I really didn't need 12 servings. I cut up the beef and the spices and I made my own chili powder. I start putting together the wonderful creation together. It smells really good and then I realize that I halved everything except the spices.

I run over to my computer to google some suggestion on how to work on this mishap. My first instinct is to just add water but I'm trying to concentrate the flavor so that probably won't work. I try to google and the page won't come up. I try other pages they dont' work either. So I check my wireless connection no IP address. I walk over to the modem no cable. I cut on the TV no cable!

Comcast actually cut off the cable! My roommate got into a fight with Comcast over the weekend because they wouldn't send anyone out to fix our fuzzy cable. Most channels were so fuzzy we couldn't see them anyway plus I thought we were just going to be without TV not internet too. Actually, when we moved in the cable was on so I didn't really think they were going to cut it off. Since they wouldn't fix it I thought they would be too lazy to cut it off. I'm at home sick....I need me some internet. So I’m writing this right now in the hopes that I can jack someone’s internet. Did I tell you I need my internet?

I was already planning to go to work tomorrow but now I have more incentive to. I found out my new Blackberry arrived today. It functions as a modem. I have the significant other hook up so I pay very little for unlimited internet.

Hopefully I will have a better day tomorrow.


Saun said...

I like that you call it WholePayCheck. That is definitely a good description.

It shoulds like you had an interesting day but at least you are feeling better. How did the chili turn out?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same hwo DID the chili turn out?

A Beautiful Life said...

I"m glad you are feeling better. I like the significant other hook up. LOL.