Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Life via Hood Films

1.Remember when Ricky (Morris Chesttnut)got Shot in Boys in the Hood and he took a piss right before that? That was my back gate he pissed on.

2.Remember the house Jada Pickett lived in Menace to Society? That was across the street from my Elementary School.

3.Remember in White Men Can’t Jump when Wesley and his wife are looking to upgrade to a new house ? It was just 1.5 blocks from our house. Every house was a California bungalow or craftsman so they look very unique because architectural details were often maintained.

4.Remember in Love and Basketball they both Monica and Q play for Crenshaw in High School? I also dated a star basketball player from Crenshaw.

5.Also do you remember in White Men Can’t Jump when Wesley meets with the Tile Salesman at Oki Dog? That place was one block from my grandmother’s house. So I would always try and get her to take me there. I can’t believe I used to want a burrito filled with hotdogs, chili and cheese.

6.Remember in Traning Day when Denzel goes to see his child in the hood. Well that was in Jungles near my other elementary school. The Jungles were considered very dangerous as it was a bunch of cheap apartments right on top of one another. Lots of drug dealing but I never felt unsafe around there but I would watch my back a little bit more after passing King Blvd.

7.Remember in The Wood when they go into the 7-11 to get breath mints….well that was like the only 7-11 in all of the hood. Seriously there aren’t very many. In fact I think “The Wood” has 2 and that’s all we get.

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rashad said...

That's a pretty impressive list. My godmother's house was renovated and reworked, for Jungle Fever. That's her bedroom wesley and lonette mckee were boning in..