Sunday, April 06, 2008

I have to question when something positive happens

So my uncle and I have never really had a relationship. If I went to my grandmothers or my dad's and he happened to be around we might chat for 5 minutes. So I basically would see him for 5 minutes once a year. No calls or anything in between.

So 3 years ago in that 5 minutes I tell him I have to buy a new car. I get back home and there is an envelope from him with check for the down payment.It was odd because in over 27 years he'd never given me anything. Not even a few bucks for the ice cream truck. I thanked him profusely for the check.

So now he calls me every so often, like once a quarter and that 5 minutes has turned into 1 hour every time I'm home. So he called two weeks ago when I changed my number he called again today. So I should be ecstatic that we are building a relationship now but something feels so strange about it.

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rashad said...

While you're figuring out the nature of this relationship, please pass along the message that I too need a new car..