Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lots of Random Things

I forget what it's like to be a teen sometimes until I get to talking to the girls at the afterschool program.

1) The Senior who got the "itis" so bad that I hope that the colleges don't rescind their offers.

2) The sophmore whose mother died of cancer and now her family is split up.

3) The sophmore who has a 21 year old man trying to talk to her and she tells me he wants her to be involved in some questionable things of a sexual nature. He's also been to jail three times.

The first two will probably work themselves out but the 3rd I'm feeling the need to intervene. So I'm trying to get her a job that will involve her spending 8 hours a month with me. So it's kinda like she will be getting paid to be my mentee. Hopefully that all works out.

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rashad said...

I could be wrong, but teen #2 would concern me more, especially since she could slip into deep depression. Although teen #3 isn't far behind. And wtf is dude thinking?