Sunday, August 01, 2010

Feeding your Soul

I'm currently suffering from some unknown ailment that is keeping me at home more than I would like. It's given me time to spend time making meals completely from scratch. There was a time when I would just sit in the kitchen with my mother and watch her cook. I really miss those days. Today was one of those days where I spent all day cooking. I continued making food from Vegan Soul Kitchen. Today I made Seitan with Mixed Mushroom Gravy, Coconut Rice and Peach Pie. The peach pie just came out of the oven so I have not tasted it yet.

After about a week of Vegan cook the Seitan was the first time I had to buy something that I didn't already have on hand. I did also get some whole wheat flours and other grains from Glut Food Co-op. I has been fairly easy to cook less meat and still eat delicious food. I probably will not start cooking with Seitan or Tempeh right away because they are expensive but I may be realizing saving elsewhere that makes it a possibility. Also I think there are plenty of protein sources such as nuts and beans. The reason I started on this journey was just to try out some other recipes. I'm not adventurous in the kitchen so this helped me strecth just a bit.

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