Saturday, August 14, 2010

Harris Teeter Trip 8/14

I just got back from Harris Teeter and I did pretty well. I bought a few things that weren't on sale because we are cooking for a couple who just had a baby and we let them pick their menu. Too bad they didn't say chicken leg quarters! Also I bought a few luxury items. My household is trying to move to eating organic without breaking the bank completely. I know that I will have to spend more but I think I can continue to save a lot which I proved today.

Not on Sale
Yellow Bananas (1.96lbs)
Beef Roast (2.65lbs)

On Sale
Chicken Leq Quarters(5.64lbs)
Shrimp (2.06lbs)
Red Seedless Grapes(1.99lbs)
Personal Watermelon (2)
Half Gallon Horizon Lowfat Lactose Free Milk

Coupons Only
8 0z. Organic Valley Cream Cheese (2)
8 0z. Organic Valley Mozzarella (2)
1 Qt Organic Valley Half and Half
Mission Tortillas

Sales combined with Coupons

Apple and Eve Fruitables
7th Generation Dish Liquid
Organic Wings and Legs (2.68lbs)
Morning Star Veggie Patties
Morning Star Crumbles
Activia 4pk

Total: 110.71 (including tax and resusable bag discount)
Cost: $57.98 after sales and double coupons
Savings: 48%

I like to save 60-70% but this works. There are very few processed foods on this list. My normal trips do contain a good amount of processed food. On a normal trip I would not have purchased the beef roast, milk, foil or watermelon. My savings would have been about 65%. I also could have gotten cheaper milk but if I am going to start consuming cow's milk again I thought I should get the less processed version I could. So this was a trip about balance. I'll explain in another posting why I am drinking cow's milk again.

I've read a lot online that most people should aim for spending $25 a week per person on groceries. Without the foil I'm pretty much on the mark if we ate at home everyday for every meal. Our freezer and pantry is packed so I am not shopping for at least two weeks. Scratch that I have a $10 catalina for Giant!

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